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Wheelie Mitigation on FTR 1200

Among the features on FTR 1200 S and FTR 1200 R Carbon models is wheelie mitigation.

The wheelie mitigation program relies on wheel speed sensor readings and readings from the onboard Inertial Measurement Unit (IMU). The IMU determines the lean angle and aids in Anti-Lock Brake System, traction control and wheelie mitigation.

Your motorcycle monitors both the IMU and wheel speed to detect when the front wheel leaves the ground. If it senses it has, the wheelie mitigation program will limit engine power until the front wheel speed returns to normal and the IMU detects the bike is no longer in a wheelie situation.

Wheelie mitigation will not completely prevent a wheelie, but it will prevent extended or excessive wheelies.

Wheelie mitigation is ON when the motorcycle is in Rain or Standard mode. Wheelie mitigation is OFF when the motorcycle is in Sport mode. Wheelie mitigation can be disabled by turning off traction control. This can be done on the Ride Command Display. Navigate to the app tray and use Track mode to disable the Traction Control/Anti-Lock Brake System.

Note that altering the mounting position of the IMU or changing wheel or tire size may result in an unsafe riding condition.

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