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2015-2024 Scout Air Filter Replacement

Required Tools and Supplies
Shop Rags13mm Socket
3mm Allen SocketTorque Wrench
RatchetPhillips Screwdriver
Air FilterSafety Glasses & Nitrile Gloves

To learn more about tools, read the Tools and Fasteners Guide.

Always clean all dirt and debris away from the airbox area before servicing the air filter on your Indian Motorcycle Scout or Scout Bobber. The air filter for your Scout is part number 7082218.

To replace the air filter on your Indian Scout or Scout Bobber, the seat and fuel tank must be removed.

To remove the seat:
1. Start by grasping the front edge of the seat and pulling upward abruptly to disengage the seat grommet from the seat mount. Caution: Use care to avoid contact with the fuel tank when removing the seat.

2. Lift the rear of the seat to disengage the rear retainer and lift straight up to remove from the vehicle.

3. Release the retaining tab on the fuse panel and lift the fuse panel out of the way.

4. Disconnect the negative battery cable with a Phillips screwdriver or 10mm wrench and store it out of the way.

Next, remove the fuel tank. Caution: Ensure you have a secure location to place the fuel tank after removing it to prevent damage to the finish. 

To remove the fuel tank:
1. Start by lifting the fuel tank pad to access the fuel tank bolts.

2. Remove the four fuel tank fasteners with a 13mm socket. Set the bolts aside for reassembly.

3. On California models, locate the rubber elbow for the fuel tank vent line and the straight rubber coupler for the cap recess line on the rear of the fuel tank mounting bracket, and gently pull these hoses off of the tank.

4. Place the handlebars in the straight ahead position and cover the fuel tank with a protective cloth to prevent damage from the instrument cluster.

5. Lift the tank approximately 2 inches and disconnect the fuel pump electrical connector.

6. Wrap a shop towel around the fuel supply line.

7. Disconnect the fuel supply line from the fuel pump by squeezing the release tabs on both sides of the fitting. Capture any escaping fuel with a shop towel.

8. Install the fuel tank fitting plug tool in place of the fuel supply line to prevent any fuel from escaping the tank.

9. Lift the rear of the fuel tank, carefully slide the tank back to release from the front isolators and remove from the vehicle.

10. Set the tank in a secure area to prevent damage.

Next, remove the air filter:
1. Clean all dirt and debris away from the airbox area.

2. Loosen the six air filter fasteners with a 3mm Allen socket and remove the air filter. Tip: Air filter screws can remain in the air filter.

3. Remove the filter and inspect it. Notice: In dusty conditions, air filter replacement will be required more often. Do not attempt to clean the air filter with compressed air. If the filter has been soaked with fuel or oil, it must be replaced. Do not attempt to clean the air filter.

4. Wipe down the airbox. Notice: Dirt or debris in the intake tube/intake boot could result in severe engine damage. Always clean all dirt and debris from the intake tube before installing the filter.

5. Inspect the air filter seal.

6. Install the air filter and ensure it is fully seated. Notice: Use of a non-Indian Motorcycle-approved air filter may cause engine damage. Always use an Indian Motorcycle-approved replacement filter. Replacement filters are available at your Indian Motorcycle Dealer.

7. Install the air filter screws. Torque to 24 in-lbs (2.7 Nm). Caution: A loose-fitting cover or improperly installed filter element may allow debris to enter the engine, which may cause premature engine wear.

Once the air filter has been installed, reinstall the fuel tank:
1. Place the handlebars in the straight-ahead position.

2. Reinstall the isolators if they became dislodged. Tip: Apply isopropyl alcohol, soapy water or rubber lubricant to the isolators and the sides of the airbox seal to ease tank installation.

3. Cover the front of the fuel tank with a protective cloth to prevent damage.

4. Lower the fuel tank onto the frame of the vehicle and slide forward to engage the isolators.

5. Pivot the rear of the tank upward to access the tank bottom.

6. Reconnect the supply line to the fuel pump. Notice: A clicking sound will be heard to indicate proper engagement. Test the connection by gently pulling back on the fuel line.

7. Connect the fuel pump connector. Notice: A clicking sound will be heard to indicate proper engagement. Test the connection by gently pulling back on the connector.

8. Ensure there are no kinks or obstructions in the fuel line.

9. Push forward on the tank to ensure the tank is engaged with the isolators.

10. On California models, connect the fuel tank vent line and fuel cap recess line.

11. Reinstall the four fuel tank bolts. Torque to 18 ft-lbs (24.4 Nm). 

12. Reinstall the fuel tank filler pad.

13. Install the battery cable. Torque to 45 in-lbs (5 Nm).

14. Turn the key to the on position to prime the fuel pump and verify there are no leaks.

To reinstall the seat, ensure the seat base engages the rear retainer and press down firmly on the front edge to engage the grommet. Notice: If the seat is off-center, the grommet may not be engaged. Lift the seat up to verify the grommet is fully engaged. 

For more information, see your authorized Indian Motorcycle Dealer. Find a dealer near you with the Dealer Locator.
Maintenance tips, procedures and specifications can be found in your Owner's Manual.
To find diagrams and replacement part numbers, use the online parts catalog.

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