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Challenger and Pursuit Shock Preload Adjustment

To adjust the shock preload on your Indian Challenger, perform the following procedure:

1. Remove the left-hand side cover. Gently grasp the front lower corner and pull away from the vehicle to release the three grommet pins. Use caution to prevent damage to painted surfaces. 

left-hand side cover

2. Look up the suspension setting for the specific load, according to the chart below. Caution: Do not use impact tools or exceed 10 ft-lbs of torque when adjusting. Damage to components may occur.

Total Cargo + Riders (lbs) Without Trunk With Trunk
150 1 3
175 1 3
200 2 3
225 2 4
250 2 4
275 3 5
300 3 5
325 3 6
350 4 6
375 4 7
400 4 7
425 4 8
450 5 8
475 5 N/A
500 5 N/A

Caution: Do not use impact tools or exceed 10 ft-lbs of torque when adjusting. Damage to components may occur. 

3. Use the 10mm speed wrench and extension provided in the tool kit to set the adjuster to the proper setting (1). To go from setting 1 to setting 2, turn the adjuster clockwise. To go from setting 2 to setting 1, turn the adjuster counterclockwise. Indian Motorcycle does not recommend carrying more than 500 pounds of total weight, including rider and cargo. 

Challenger shock adjustment

In the above diagram, the shock preload is at adjustment setting 1. The setting is the lowest visible number. In the picture below, the shock is at adjustment setting 2. 

Preload set at 2

Electronic Shock Preload (If Equipped)

To adjust the electronic preload (EPL), do the following:

Pursuit preload

1. Press the Menu/Control button to bring up the Control Panel. 

2. Tap on the riders button (1) to adjust the weights of riders.

3. Tap on the luggage (2) to adjust the weight of the luggage setting.

4. Small adjustments can be made using the plus and minus buttons (3) to fine tune the weight settings.

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