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Planning and Uploading a Route With Ride Command

To plan a route using RIDE COMMAND and upload it to your Indian Motorcycle, begin by visiting the Indian Motorcycle Ride Command website on your computer. Log in to your RIDE COMMAND account or create an account. 

Select PLAN A ROUTE in the middle of the screen.

Plan a Route

You can also navigate to RIDES/PLACES and select PLAN in the top right. 

Rides and places

Choose a starting point for your ride by clicking anywhere on the map or by searching in the left side panel, as shown below.

Search bar

When using the search panel to the left, be sure to click ADD TO ROUTE once you have found your desired location. The location will not be automatically added to your route when using the search bar. 

Add to route

Continue to add your desired locations and destination to your route. You can reorder stops by dragging the three horizontal lines next to each point under the Plan a Route section. 

Rearrange route

If you wish to delete a stop from your ride, hover over the point and click the trash can icon to delete. 

delete a stop

Once satisfied with your route, name it and click SAVE. Adding a description to the ride is optional. 

Save route 

Uploading the Route to Your Motorcycle with 2020 and Newer RIDE COMMAND
Syncing a ride to your Indian Motorcycle requires Bluetooth® tethering. This will allow the touchscreen display to access rides and waypoints you have saved to your RIDE COMMAND account.

1. Go to SETTINGS on your phone. For iPhone®, go to Personal Hotspot Connections, Mobile Hotspot and Tethering. If using an Android™, tap on Bluetooth® tethering and turn it on. Leave the phone on this screen. 

2. On the 7-inch touchscreen display, go to Settings/General/Bluetooth® Devices and tap ADD DEVICE.

3. Once your phone shows up on the list, tap to pair. 

4. Accept the pairing code in your phone. On an iPhone® you will see a blue line at the top of your phone screen indicating it’s connected to a mobile hotspot. On an Android™ it will show in the Bluetooth® tethered list.

5. Once you have confirmed you are tethered, go to SETTINGS > RIDE COMMAND ACCOUNT on the touchscreen display. 

6. If already logged into your RIDE COMMAND account, log out. Log back in to establish a new connection. 

7. Tap the MAP button from the seven-button panel after your login is successful.

8. Tap the MORE menu at the bottom of the screen. 


10. Select the IMPORT/EXPORT icon in the top-right corner of that screen. 


12. Once this screen has loaded, tap the SYNC icon on the right-hand side of the split screen. If you get a notification that you were unable to connect to the server, wait a minute and tap the SYNC icon again.

Copying Routes and Places with a USB
1. Upload your routes from the RIDE COMMAND website to a USB 2.0 or 3.0 with an exFAT® or FAT32 format. 

2. Plug the USB into the USB port. 


4. Checkmark the places and routes and then tap on COPY TO/FROM USB. On the pop-up screen select either SEND to export or CANCEL to return.

5. To export routes and places, tap on COPY TO/FROM USB and then tap on the right arrow near the places and routes.

6. To import routes and places, tap on COPY TO/FROM USB and then tap on the left arrow near the places and routes. Places and routes that were synced to the Ride Command display from the USB are found in SAVED PLACES on the Ride Command Map screen. 

Uploading the Route to Your Motorcycle with 2019 and Older RIDE COMMAND
On your Indian Motorcycle: 

1. Log in to your Indian Motorcycle RIDE COMMAND Account on the touchscreen display of your motorcycle.

To log in, follow these steps:

  • Tap the Indian Motorcycle logo at the top middle of the touchscreen display.
  • Tap on ALL SETTINGS.
  • Tap the GENERAL tab on the left-hand side.
  • Tap the RIDE COMMAND ACCOUNT tab at the top of the General settings screen.
  • Tap on ACCOUNT ID.
  • Type in the email address associated with your RIDE COMMAND account and save.
  • Type in your password and save.

Note that it may take several minutes to sync places and routes to/from the RIDE COMMAND Cloud.

2. Navigate to the Import/Export menu on the Ride Command display. To do so, follow the pathway MAPS > MORE > IMPORT/EXPORT. 

3. Copy the route from your RIDE COMMAND app to the RIDE COMMAND display by using one of the following two methods: 

  • Checkmark places and routes you wish to import. Tap on COPY TO/FROM RIDE COMMAND. On the pop-up screen select either SEND to export the data or CANCEL to return. 
  • Tap on COPY TO/FROM RIDE COMMAND and then tap on the right arrow near the places and routes to export.

To copy a route from your RIDE COMMAND account to the bike, tap on COPY TO/FROM RIDE COMMAND, wait until places and routes from RIDE COMMAND are synced and then tap on the left arrow near the places and routes to import. 

Importing/Exporting Routes via USB
You can export routes to the RIDE COMMAND Cloud by exporting the routes to a USB flash drive and importing them to the Indian Motorcycle Ride Command Website. Places and routes that are synced to the RIDE COMMAND display from the RIDE COMMAND Cloud can be found in Saved Places on the Map screen. 

For more information, visit the Indian Motorcycle Ride Command Website

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