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Rear Cylinder Deactivation

Some model year 2019 and newer Indian Motorcycle models feature Rear Cylinder Deactivation.

Rear Cylinder Deactivation was designed as an aid to reduce engine and exhaust heat to the rider. Rear Cylinder Deactivation turns off the rear cylinder when the engine gets hot and the bike is stopped. This provides enhanced comfort in slow-moving traffic and warm-weather conditions. For Rear Cylinder Deactivation to be enabled, the following conditions must be met:

  • The engine must be up to operating temperature.
  • The ambient temperature must exceed 59 degrees Fahrenheit (15 C).
  • The engine speed must remain below 1,000 RPM.
  • The gear position must be 1, 2 or N.
  • The throttle must be in the closed position (0 percent throttle).

The rear cylinder will reactivate when throttle is applied.

For Indian Motorcycle models equipped with Ride Command, Rear Cylinder Deactivation can be turned off by accessing the settings menu in the drop-down from the top of the screen. Cylinder Deactivation controls are in the Vehicle menu. When Rear Cylinder Deactivation is functioning, an icon will illuminate at the top of the Ride Command display screen.

For models not equipped with Ride Command, do the following to disable Rear Cylinder Deactivation:

1. Press the right-hand trigger until "CYLdeAC" displays.

2. Hold down the right-hand trigger. "CD ON" or "CD OFF" will display.

3. Toggle to turn Cylinder Deactivation on or off. Press and hold the right-hand trigger to save the settings.

  • CYLdeAC ON: Rear cylinder can deactivate
  • CYLdeAC OFF: Rear cylinder cannot deactivate

For more information on your Indian Motorcycle, consult your Owner's Manual.
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