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6 different types of motorcycles.

Ultimate Guide to Different Types of Motorcycles


The world of motorcycles is vast, with a spectrum of styles that can seem endless at first glance. We're here to break down the options, from the stripped-down simplicity of bobbers to the no-compromise power of luxury models—making it easier for you to find the right fit. Once you've got your sights set on that perfect ride, our Guide to Buying a Motorcycle will help you take the next step with confidence.

Ready to rev up? Let’s get started.

Bobber Motorcycles

Bobber motorcycles are built for cruising—stripping back excess material and leaving only what's truly necessary in the name of iconic American design. Born from a culture of customization, these bikes are all about minimalism and attitude. Bobbers are stylish and fun, with a relaxed riding position, forgiving steering, and a low center of gravity for easy control—making them a great option for new riders, but still exhilarating for seasoned pros.

Why Buy a Bobber Motorcycle?

For a bobber motorcycle, the allure lies in its simplicity, customization potential and unique style. Smooth power combined with a lightweight frame and low seat make these motorcycles accessible—even to smaller or new riders. It’s an ideal bike for city commuting, solo ride, short day trips and brief weekend getaways.


  • Minimalist style: Stripped-down aesthetic with a focus on essentials
  • Customization-friendly: Easy to personalize, making it truly yours
  • Lightweight: Reduced weight enhances handling and performance
  • Unique riding experience: Offers a raw, connected feel on the road


  • Limited comfort: Bare-bones design may compromise comfort on longer rides
  • Reduced functionality: Typically have less features than larger bikes

Cruiser Motorcycles

Cruiser motorcycles embody the spirit of the open road, offering a relaxed riding posture, low seat height and a torque-rich engine. These bikes are designed for longer rides or day trips, with their laid-back look and feel drawing inspiration from classic American machines.

Cruiser History

The history of cruiser bikes mirrors the evolution of motorcycling itself. Emerging in the 1930s, these machines were built for comfort and style. Over the decades, cruisers evolved—with each era bringing its own innovations and design philosophies. From rugged post-war models to the chromed-out bikes of the '60s and '70s, cruisers have become icons of freedom and rebellion.

When speaking to the history of cruisers, it's essential to acknowledge the pivotal role played by models like the Indian Scout. These bikes embody the principles of freedom and performance that continue to define the segment today.

Why Buy a Cruiser Motorcycle?

Cruiser motorcycles are known for their comfort, style and versatility, making them a popular choice among a wide range of riders—including many women, who appreciate the lower seat height and customizable features. They're also great bikes for beginners, commuters and riders who live for quick road trips. New cruiser prices range from around $5,000 to $25,000, with an average of about $15,000. Prices—as always—will increase based on customization and additional features.


  • Comfortable ride: Relaxed seating position and lower seat height for comfort—especially on long rides
  • Customizable:  From performance parts to saddlebags and risers, bikes like the Indian Scout and Chief models can be upgraded over time
  • Stylish: Classic design makes them a timeless choice for riders who value aesthetics  
  • Versatile: Ideal for commuting, leisure rides and road trips  


  • Weight: Can be heavier than other types of bikes, which may be a consideration for some riders  
  • Limited features: Stock models are sometimes light on tech, sound systems and storage


Bagger Motorcycles

Bagger motorcycles blend the long-distance comfort of a touring bike with a more streamlined and stylish design. Known for their distinctive "saddlebags" or hard side cases, baggers deliver practical storage solutions without sacrificing aesthetics.

Bagger History

Bagger motorcycles have evolved from their practical origins—which featured saddlebags for long journeys—into symbols of style and customization. Their history reflects a journey from utility to individual expression, while events like King of the Baggers racing series highlights their performance capabilities.

Why Buy a Bagger Motorcycle?

Bagger motorcycles offer a unique blend of style, comfort and functionality, making them a compelling choice for a wide range of riders. They’re a good choice for long journeys—especially with a passenger and luggage for two. Baggers also appeal to customization enthusiasts who want to make their bike as unique as possible. Expect starting prices for baggers to start around $18,000, with variations based on brand, model and customization.


  • Stylish utility: Combines practical storage with a sleek, customizable design
  • Comfort: Enhanced road and wind protection make for more comfortable longer rides, even with a passenger
  • Maneuverability: Generally lighter and more agile than full touring bikes, offering a good balance between stability and handling
  • Customization:  Wide range of accessories and personalization options


  • Weight: Not as heavy as full touring models, but still heavier than standard bikes—which may affect handling for some riders
  • Cost: Added features and design elements can make baggers more expensive than more basic models

Touring Motorcycles

Touring motorcycles are the ultimate road companions for long-haul adventures. Designed for those who want to chase the horizon, these bikes are all about comfort, convenience and carrying capacity. They’re the perfect ride for road trips—especially if there’s a passenger in the mix. Touring bikes also make great commuters for riders who prefer a comfortable and feature-rich trip around town.

Why Buy a Touring Motorcycle?

Touring bikes come equipped with large engines, ample storage and advanced features—like adjustable windshields, heated grips and navigation systems to make every journey as smooth as possible. The ergonomics focus on rider and passenger comfort, with spacious seating and a relaxed riding position that allow riders to cover miles without the usual fatigue. Touring motorcycles start at around $20,000—with prices varying based on features and brand. 


  • Comfort over long distances: Ergonomic design for long hours on the road, 
ensuring rider and passenger comfort
  • Advanced features: Equipped with amenities like sound systems, heated grips and 
navigation to enhance the riding experience
  • Ample storage: Large saddlebags and additional storage options make it easy to carry everything needed for extended trips
  • High performance: Powerful engines and sturdy construction designed to handle long distances and varying road conditions


  • Advanced riders only: Not for beginners or new riders
  • Cost: Advanced features and design come with a higher price tag

Standard and Naked Motorcycles

Standard and naked motorcycles are celebrated for their simplicity, versatility and uncluttered design.

Standard Motorcycles Vs. Naked Motorcycles

Standard motorcycles might seem very similar to naked motorcycles, but they each have a unique personality. Standard bikes are known for their no-frills functionality and ease of use, while naked bikes take the concept of minimalism a step further—stripping away nearly all unnecessary bodywork to leave the frame and engine exposed.

Why Buy a Standard Motorcycle?

Standard motorcycles are renowned for their versatility and balance, making them an excellent choice for a broad spectrum of riders. Perfect for beginners, commuters and weekend warriors, standard bikes really can do it all. Standard motorcycles offer an attractive entry point, with prices starting around $5,000 for basic models—although that can climb based on brand, features and performance capabilities.


  • Versatility: Ideal for various riding styles and needs, from city commuting to weekend adventures
  • Cost-effective: Generally more affordable in terms of initial purchase, maintenance and insurance
  • Customizable: A neutral platform for riders looking to personalize their bikes with aftermarket parts and accessories


  • Generalist: While versatile, they may not excel in specific areas like specialized models
  • Simplicity: The no-frills design may lack certain features or amenities found on more specialized motorcycles

Standard Motorcycles Dominate Flat Track

Flat track racing showcases standard motorcycles reaching speeds up to 140 mph on oval dirt tracks—a thrilling spectacle rooted in the early days of motoring. Indian Motorcycle’s historic Wrecking Crew helped define the sport, while the current team has won six straight championships with the FTR750.

Elite and Luxury Motorcycles

Elite and luxury motorcycles stand at the pinnacle of motorcycling craftsmanship. With 
cutting-edge technology, bespoke detailing and premium materials, each model is designed 
to offer an unmatched riding experience.

Why Buy an Elite Motorcycle?

Elite motorcycles represent the top tier of motorcycling luxury and performance; crafted for those who demand the best of the best. They’re perfect for making a statement on rides or at events, long-distance touring—or even as a collector’s item. Reflecting their premium status and features, Elite motorcycles start above $35,000.


  • Premium features: Fully loaded with the latest technology and high-end components straight from the factory
  • Exclusivity: Limited editions and custom paint options exude luxury
  • Superior componentry: Top-of-the-line components like wheels, seats and stereos
  • Unmatched comfort: Ergonomic design and premium materials provide unparalleled riding comfort


  • High price point: Luxury and exclusivity come with a significant investment

Other Type of Motorcycles

The motorcycle landscape is full of bikes purpose-built for niche uses. From the performance of sport bikes to versatile dual-sport models, it’s a spectrum that caters to the diverse passions and pursuits of riders worldwide.

Electric Motorcycles

Electric motorcycles and bicycles merge sustainability with innovation to redefine the riding experience. They offer a cleaner, more efficient way to navigate the roads—making them an increasingly popular choice for conservationists and tech enthusiasts alike. While Indian Motorcycle doesn’t currently have an electric motorcycle in the lineup, we do offer a line of electric bicycles for the environmentally conscious rider.

Sport Bikes

Built for high performance and agility, sport bikes are the speed demons of the motorcycle world. With powerful engines, lightweight frames and aerodynamic designs, they're engineered for thrilling acceleration and nimble handling—especially at high speeds and on twisty roads. Ideal for adrenaline seekers and track enthusiasts.

Dual-Sport Motorcycles

Dual-sport motorcycles are versatile all-rounders designed to perform on both paved roads and off-road trails. They combine the comfort and convenience of road bikes with the ruggedness of off-road machines, making them perfect for riders who crave adventure of any kind.

Off-Road Motorcycles

Also known as dirt bikes, off-road motorcycles are built for rough terrains and unpaved surfaces. With lightweight frames, long suspension travel and knobby tires, they excel in environments where traditional bikes wouldn't dare tread. They're the go-to for trail riding and motocross enthusiasts.

Adventure Bikes

Adventure bikes are built for the long haul—equipped to handle both highways and backcountry trails. They offer a comfortable riding position, large fuel tanks and ample storage, making them ideal for riders looking to embark on extended journeys with a mix of on-road and off-road exploration.

Café Racers

Café racers come from a culture of customization, characterized by their minimalist look, low-mounted handlebars and vintage aesthetic. Born of the need for speed and sleekness, they're designed for quick rides over short distances while looking like a badass—comfort very optional.

Scramblers Motorcyles

Scrambler motorcycles blend the classic aesthetic of vintage bikes with the capability of light off-road riding. With raised exhaust pipes, rugged tires and a relaxed riding stance, scramblers deliver a stylish ride that's not confined to the asphalt.

Vintage Motorcycles

Vintage bikes are all about nostalgia, heritage and celebrating the rich history of motorcycling. With classic designs and historical significance, these bikes are cherished for their timeless appeal and the sense of connection they offer to past eras of riding.


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