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Josh Wallis

Josh Wallis - Indian Motorcycle Ambassador

Josh: Wyandotte Tribal Nation


I started looking into Indian Motorcycle in 2020 when the Indian Challenger came out…and I fell in love with it. The performance, style, and culture behind the brand really intrigued me. Indian Motorcycle has shown to have a genuine respect for Indigenous people and continues to be proactive in their support towards our community. They are also American made, which was a key factor in why I wanted one. One test ride on the Indian Challenger and I knew this was the bike for me! It is my dream bike.


Being Native American, I have always been a historian of our culture and what it has meant to my family. We are intrinsically intertwined with places and our environments. To me, there is no better feeling than being on a motorcycle, taking in the wind and feeling a part of nature. It’s feeling like you are in harmony with your surroundings.


I’ve traveled across the U.S. on my Indian Challenger and have enjoyed every second. It wasn’t about just buying a motorcycle; it was about the lifestyle and fellowship I found in their riding culture.