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Bayardo de Murguia

Nate: Makah Tribal Nation


As long as I can remember, I have always wanted an Indian Motorcycle, because they are unique all the way around. I was 13-years-old, working at a local fish dock in Neah Bay, WA. My very first paycheck I went out and bought a pair of size 10 leather Indian Motorcycle riding boots. I didn’t buy them for that day. I probably wore a size 7 or 8 at the age of 13. I was looking down the road, thinking, one day I will have my Indian Motorcycle. And I have boots for when that day comes.


What do you know? Today, I wear a size 10 and I am a very proud owner of this numbered Indian Chief Classic in Springfield Blue. Hands down, the best purchase I have ever made as nothing compares to getting on and riding with no destination in sight.