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Indian Motorcycle Advisory Council

At Indian Motorcycle, we respect the cultures and traditions of Native American peoples. As part of this commitment, we established a Native American Advisory Council – a distinguished group dedicated to providing guidance, feedback and knowledge on matters related to culture, heritage and community engagement.


The Native American Advisory Council is composed of respected leaders, advocates, and passionate riders from the Native American community. The seven-member council provides critical feedback and sound guidance on matters related to the representation and portrayal of Native American cultures in our marketing and branding efforts, as well as on our community engagement initiatives. The council also imparts knowledge and leadership on issues related to diversity, equity and inclusion, and works with Indian Motorcycle to execute strategies and initiatives that promote understanding, education and positive change.


Navigating cultural and historical complexities is by no means easy and authenticity is crucial when reflecting on one’s legacy and history. I appreciate the steps that Indian Motorcycle is taking to incorporate our perspectives and cultural experiences in service to this goal.


-Indian Motorcycle Advisory Council member

Indigenous Partners

It's been a pleasure collaborating with a brand equally committed to challenging stereotypes, embracing cultural diversity, and fostering inclusivity. Together, we embarked on a journey of education, engagement, and dialogue to understand some of the complexities, traditions, and rich heritage of Native American communities. The result is messaging that resonates and aligns with the values and narratives expressed by Indigenous voices.


– Candace, Cahokia PHX