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2019+ FTR Air Filter Replacement

Required Tools and Supplies

  • Shop Rags
  • Safety Glasses
  • Nitrile Gloves 
  • Torque Wrench
  • Ratchet
  • 4mm and 6mm Allen Socket
  • 10mm Socket
  • T25 TORX® and T40 TORX® Socket
  • Air Filter (part number 7082325)

For more information on tools, visit the Tools and Fasteners Guide.

Always clean all dirt and debris away from the airbox area before servicing the air filter on your Indian Motorcycle FTR. Always wear safety glasses and nitrile gloves when servicing your air filter.

To clean or replace the air filter, follow these steps:

1. Park the bike on a flat, level surface.

2. Using a T40 TORX® socket, remove the fasteners securing the passenger grab handle to the bike and remove the handle.

3. Repeat the process on the remaining passenger handle.

4. Using a 6mm Allen socket, remove the two seat fasteners.

5. Lift up on the rear of the seat and pull back to remove.

6. Using a 4mm Allen socket, remove the four fasteners securing the airbox bezel to the bike and remove the bezel.

7. Remove the center console cover from the alignment bracket.

8. Using a 6mm Allen socket, remove the two fasteners securing the airbox covers to the bike.

9. Release the airbox cover retainers and remove both covers from the bike.

10. Using a 10mm socket, remove the three fasteners and washers securing the alignment bracket to the bike.

11. Remove the rubber grommet from the key switch housing.

12. Then turn the quarter-turn key switch trim counter-clockwise to remove the key switch housing.

13. Remove the gas cap.

14. Remove the alignment bracket.

15. Reinstall the gas cap.

16. Using a T25 TORX® socket, remove the seven airbox cover fasteners.

17. Lift the airbox cover and filter straight up to remove them from the bike.

18. Inspect the air filter and replace if necessary. The air filter is part number 7082325Notice: In dusty conditions, air filter replacement will be required more often. Do not attempt to clean the air filter with compressed air. If the filter has been soaked with fuel or oil, it must be replaced. Do not attempt to clean the air filter.

19. Clean the airbox thoroughly. Wipe well with a clean, dry cloth. Notice: Dirt or debris in the intake tube could result in severe engine damage. Always clean all dirt and debris from the intake tube before installing the filter.

20. Install the air filter into the cover and ensure it is fully seated. Notice: Use of a non-Indian Motorcycle-approved air filter may cause engine damage. Always use an Indian Motorcycle-approved replacement filter. Replacement filters are available at your Indian Motorcycle Dealer.

21. Reinstall the air filter and cover assembly into the bike.

22. Install the seven air filter cover fasteners and torque to 14 in-lbs (2 Nm).

23. Remove the gas cap.

24. Reinstall the alignment bracket and three fasteners and washers. Torque to 36 in-lbs (4 Nm).

25. Reinstall the gas cap.

26. Reinstall both airbox covers and ensure the retainers are properly engaged.

27. Install the two airbox cover fasteners and torque to 36 in-lbs (4 Nm).

28. Install the center console cover.

29. Install the airbox bezel and four fasteners and torque to 36 in-lbs (4 Nm).

30. Reinstall the seat and align the rear mounting holes.

31. Install the two seat fasteners and torque to 84 +/- 9 in-lbs (9.5 +/- 1 Nm).

32. Reinstall the passenger grab handles and fasteners. Torque to 19 ft-lbs (26 Nm).

For more information, see your authorized Indian Motorcycle Dealer. Find a dealer near you with the Dealer Locator.
Maintenance tips, procedures and specifications can be found in your Owner's Manual.
To find diagrams and replacement part numbers, use the online parts catalog.

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