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Common eFTR Jr Maintenance Procedures
Turn the power switch to the OFF position before beginning repair or maintenance on your Indian Motorcycle eFTR Jr electric youth mini bike.

Always wear safety glasses and nitrile gloves when performing maintenance. Read the instructions in the eFTR Jr Owner's Manual. Remove the charge plug. Turn the power switch OFF. Secure the unit that is under repair. Exercise caution around exposed parts. And contact Razor customer service if you are unsure about any repair or maintenance procedures.

Adjusting the Front and Rear Brakes
This procedure may require a 5mm Allen wrench.

To use the brakes, squeeze the brake levers to increase the pressure on the brakes. The brake levers are fitted with a cable adjuster to compensate for cable stretch and/or to fine-tune the lever movement to brake engagement. If the brakes are not engaging properly, follow the below instructions for adjusting the brakes. Warning: The brakes are capable of causing the bike to skid the tire, throwing an unsuspecting rider. Practice in an open area free from obstacles until you are familiar with the brake function. Avoid skidding to a stop, as this can cause you to lose control or damage the rear tire.

Brakes adjustment diagram

1. To adjust brake cable play, thread the brake lever adjuster in or out one-quarter to one-half turn until the desired brake adjustment is attained. Most adjustments are complete at this step. If the brake still needs further adjustment, proceed to step 2.

2. If the brake has too much slack, loosen the rear anchor bolt with a 5mm Allen wrench and pull the brake wire tighter. The distance of the brake wire between the end of the cable and the anchor bolt should be between 37mm and 44mm.

3. If the brake rotor is dragging on the brake pads, use your fingers to twist the caliper adjuster in either direction until the rotor is center between the pads.

Replacing the Fuse
This procedure requires a 5mm Allen wrench.

To prevent shock, please follow the instructions accordingly and do not skip any steps.

Fuse replacement diagram

1. Unscrew the five battery cover bolts with a 5mm Allen wrench.

2. Remove the seat fairing and battery cover to locate the three fuse boxes attached to the batteries.

3. Check all three fuses to see if the fuse(s) have burned out. Remove any fuse that is damaged or burned out and replace it with a new fuse of equal amperage. Note: Amperage is located on the top of the fuse.

4. Close the cover and reattach the seat fairing.

5. Fasten the five battery cover bolts until fully seated. 

Replacing the Chain and Tire
This procedure requires a Phillips screwdriver and two 19mm wrenches.

Chain and tire replacement diagram

1. Loosen the screws and remove the chain guard.

2. Using two 19mm wrenches, loosen both axle nuts.

3. Push the chain tensioner down to loosen the chain. Remove the chain from the wheel sprocket and motor sprocket. Push and remove the wheel downward. Note that your hands will get greasy doing this. Always wear nitrile gloves when servicing your bike.

4. Install the new chain or wheel by slipping the chain around the axle. Slide the axle into the slots on the frame. Then slide the chain tensioner down and maneuver the chain onto the rear sprocket and motor sprocket.

5. Reattach the chain guard. Test ride and check. Readjust as needed.

Note the arrangement of the hardware sequence below.

Wheel hardware diagram
Right side (throttle): 16-1 nut, 16-2 washer.
Frame: 16-3 spacer.
Left side (brake): 16-1 nut, 16-2 washer.
Frame: 16-3 spacer.

The eFTR Jr is part number 2884726.
For more information refer to the eFTR Jr Owner's Manual. 
For replacement parts or customer support, visit, call 1-866-467-2967 or email