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Indian Motorcycle Ride Command App Overview

Indian Motorcycle Ride Command is available through a mobile app and on the Indian Motorcycle Ride Command website

On the homepage, you will see your Indian Motorcycle, tracked rides and the vehicle's ride time. 

Ride Command homepage

You can add your vehicle by entering the Vehicle Identification Number or through Bluetooth® pairing. Once your vehicle is added to the Garage, you can add maintenance records, see vehicle warranty information and more. 

The MAP button at the bottom of the screen will take you to a map, centered around your current location. From the map screen, you can select which points of interest and map layers display on the map and start a tracked ride. 

From the map screen you can zoom to your location by clicking the location target in the left-hand corner of the screen. 

Ride Command current location

To start a tracked ride:

1. Click TOOLS in the bottom-right corner of the map.

Tools button

2. Select TRACK RIDE. You can pause your ride at any time.

Track Ride

3. Press STOP when you are finished riding. 

Once your ride is complete, you can edit the ride (1), add photos, share the ride (2), toggle if the ride is visible alongside other tracked rides (3) and view ride details (4). Note: When the eye has a slash through it, the ride will not be visible after exiting the details page. To see tracked rides on your map, go TOOLS >  TRACKED RIDES and toggle the switch to on. 

Edit tracked ride

From this screen, you also can modify the points of interest shown on the map and map layers. To turn a map layer on, tap the slider button to the right. The map layer will show if the slider shows red.

From the RIDES tab of the app, users can access their routes, tracked rides, saved places and collections by clicking through the buttons on the top menu. 


Community is a new feature of Ride Command that creates a place to find and share rides, places and events. It includes an activity feed to see recently added content and an explore page that allows discovery of content by type, location, ride length, rating, date and more. 

With Community, you can interact with other users on the Ride Command app and website. Ride Command users will be able to view public content posted by other users. The update allows you to filter content by location, ride length, dates and rating, as well as search recent posts. You also can like and rate another user's content. Like counts and ratings are visible to anyone on the Ride Command website or app. 

Users can save content and refer back to the content later from their Saved list. On saved content, any updates/changes made to the public content will be visible. Users also have the option of saving a copy of public content besides events. A private copy of the item is saved in the user’s Rides/Places tab. Updates to the original public item will not be reflected in the user’s saved copy. 

You also can create and post public or private events. Public events will automatically be posted to the public activity feed. When creating a new event, the user can now add photos, tracked rides, planned routes and website links to the event description. 

The community page can be accessed by selecting COMMUNITY at the bottom of the screen. The first screen is the Activity feed, shown below, where all recent posts are shown and ordered by newest first. Tapping on any item shows its details page, where you can see the full details, rate, thumbs up, view the 3D flyover (for tracks and routes) and view the content on the full map. From this page, you can create a post or plan a public or private event. 

Community activity feed

To search for events, navigate to the EXPLORE tab from the top menu. You can then find events, rides and places that other users have shared. 


Under the SAVED tab, you can see other users' content that you have saved. 


In the MY EVENTS tab, you can view and edit your events or create new ones. 

My events

To create an event, select NEW POST in the upper-right-hand corner. 

Create a new post on Ride Command Community

When creating your event, you can choose whether it is private or public by toggling the slider next to PUBLIC EVENT. Public events are shared with and can be saved by other users on the Ride Command app and website. When creating your event you can set a date, time and also add photos and links. Use the STREET ADDRESS text box to enter an exact address, as shown in the photo below. To set a location by dragging a pin on the map, select SET MEETING LOCATION and a map will appear, as shown below. 

create event

Select NEXT, where you have the option to add web links and a description to your event. When finished, select CREATE in the upper-right-hand corner of the screen. 

Under the MORE tab on the main menu bar, you can access and add vehicles to your Garage, Track a Ride and find Indian Motorcycle Dealers near you. 


The Ride Command app is available on the App Store for iPhone® and iPad®, as well as on Google Play®.
For more information or to log in to your account, visit the Indian Ride Command website

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