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Overview of the 4" Display Powered by RIDE COMMAND

Some 2022 and newer Chief models, 2023 and newer FTR models and 2025 Scout models are equipped with the 4" Display powered by RIDE COMMAND, shown below. 

Ride Command diagram 

For an orientation to the display and its functions, watch the video below. 

For more information on the touchscreen buttons, see the table below.

Touchscreen Button


Screen Cycle button 

Screen Cycle

Press the Screen Cycle button to toggle through available display screens.



Press the Controls button to access vehicle and display settings.

App Tray

App Tray

Press the App Tray button to access the settings and phone screens.

Back button


Press the Back button to back out of menus and screens.

Icon Bar
The Icon Bar displays information such as cell signal strength, current Ride Mode and more. 

Icon bar diagram

Display Screens
Press the Screen Cycle button (1) or the trigger switch on the left hand control to cycle through the available display screens. 
Display screens

Display Screens


Gauge Screen

Displays important information such as speedometer, tachometer, gear, vehicle direction, ambient temperature, odometer and fuel level. 

Bike Information

Displays bike information such as ambient temperature, battery voltage, tire pressure, fuel economy and fuel range. 

Ride Information

Displays ride information such as ride time, distance, elevation and trip odometer. 

Maps and Navigation

Provides access to maps and turn-by-turn navigation.


Select audio source and control audio playback.


Select Ride Mode and change display brightness. 

Display screen diagram

Display Screen Themes
There are two display screen themes to choose from: Standard and Analog Sport. The display screen themes can be changed in the Settings Menu. 

The Standard theme resembles a classic analog dial face, with a traditional speedometer design. 
Standard theme
For a more modern look, the Analog Sport theme displays the speedometer as a numeric value rather than a meter. 

Analog Sport
Bike Information
The Bike Information screen displays important information about your vehicle, such as front and rear tire pressure (if equipped), fuel economy and more.

Bike information diagram

Ride Information
The Ride Information screen displays important ride information, including current ride time, total distance traveled and more.

Ride information diagram

Maps and Navigation
The Maps and Navigation screen allows access to the many navigation features of RIDE COMMAND. From the Maps and Navigations screen, you can find directions, look up addresses, search for gas stations and pinpoint other points of interest. Once selected, the display will provide turn-by-turn directions to your destination.

You can not plan a route on the app or website and sync it to the display. You must enter a destination directly on the display for start-to-end navigation.

For information on updating map data, read Updating Software and Maps on the 4" Display Powered by RIDE COMMAND

 Maps and navigation
The Music screen allows you to access music stored on your smartphone or other music device. You can pair your device with Bluetooth® or the display’s USB port. 

Music screen diagram

From the Controls screen, you can select your Ride Mode and adjust the display brightness. 

Controls screen diagram

App Tray
Press the App Tray button (1) to cycle through the available app screens. 
App tray

Phone Screen
If the display is connected to a phone using Bluetooth®, the phone screen will be available from the App Tray. From the phone screen, you can make and answer calls and view text messages. 

Phone screen

Hand Controls
Hand controls

Use the 5-way media switch (1) to do the following: 

  • Press center to mute.
  • Press up/down to increase/decrease volume.
  • Press left/right to move to previous/next track.

Use the 3-way select switch (2) to do the following: 

  • Press up and down to navigate the display screen.
  • Press center to select.

Trigger Switches
Trigger switch

There are trigger switches located on the reverse side of both the right and left (3) switch cubes. Use the trigger switches to do the following: 

  • Press the right trigger switch to confirm the selection.
  • Press the left trigger switch to back out of menu screens.

From the Settings Menu you can view important details about your vehicle and personalize your touchscreen display. The Settings Menu contains four categories: Information, General, Time and Vehicle. Press the Controls button (1) to access the Settings Menu. See your Owner’s Manual for more information.

Settings screen
Information Settings

  • Vehicle Identification Number (VIN)
  • Mileage
  • Installed software version
  • Oil change interval

General Settings

  • Themes (Day/Night/Auto)
  • Manage Bluetooth® devices
  • Change the language
  • Set the speed units of measure (MPH or KPH) 
  • Set the temperature units (F or C)
  • Update software


  • Set the time format (12-hour or 24-hour)
  • Enable GPS time (automatically sets the time to the time zone you are currently in)
  • Set time (if GPS time is not enabled)

Note: The clock is sourced from the GPS chip and periodically requires GPS lock to function correctly. Clock reading will be non-existent or inaccurate after disconnecting the battery and will require a new GPS sync to function properly. 


  • Oil life/service reset
  • Access vehicle diagnostics

Ride Modes
From the display, you can choose between three Ride Modes: Tour, Standard and Sport. For more information on ride modes, read Using Ride Modes on Your Indian Motorcycle

Bluetooth® Pairing
For information on pairing a mobile device or headset to your display, read Pairing Your Phone to the 4" Display Powered by RIDE COMMAND or Pairing Your SENA® Headset

Indian Motorcycle Account Syncing
If this display is on a Chief or Scout, you can log in to your account with your 4" Display powered by RIDE COMMAND to see vehicle health data from the app or website. This feature is not currently available on FTR models.

To log in to your account, follow these steps:

Note: First ensure that your software and maps are up to date. Read Updating Software and Maps on the 4" Display Powered by RIDE COMMAND for assistance.

1. Power on the vehicle through the right hand control power button. Do not start the engine.

2. Press the App Tray button at the bottom of the screen and select SETTINGS. 

3. Navigate to SETTINGS > GENERAL (gear icon) from the tabs on the top of the screen and select ACCOUNT.

select account


log in

5. Enter your Indian Motorcycle account information, beginning with your email address. 

enter email

View the full list of compatible phone and headset devices

The Indian Motorcycle App is available on the App Store® and Google Play®.
More information about RIDE COMMAND can be found in the Owner's Manual for your vehicle. 
Visit the RIDE COMMAND website to create an account and update software/maps. 
Not sure what you need? Check out the Guide to Indian Motorcycle Displays Powered by RIDE COMMAND.

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