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Indian Motorcycle Referral Program FAQs

Indian Motorcycle owners can now earn credit for themselves and for friends and family that they refer to demo or purchase a new Indian Motorcycle. This credit, called “Moto Ca$h,” can be used online or in-store only as instructed. The Indian Motorcycle Referral Program is active until Dec. 31, 2021.

Owners and referred customers are each eligible to receive a $100 credit (U.S. or Canadian dollars) if the referred customer purchases a new, unregistered Indian Motorcycle from an authorized Indian Motorcycle dealer within 60 days of receiving the referral email and presents the unique coupon code to the dealer.

Owners and referred customers are eligible to each receive a $20 credit (U.S. or Canadian dollars) if the referred customer demos an Indian Motorcycle. The demo ride must take place at an authorized Indian Motorcycle dealership location within 60 days of receiving the referral email, and the unique coupon code must be presented to the dealer. 

Indian Motorcycle owners can earn up to $500 in Moto Ca$h per calendar year.

How to Create a Referral

1. Log in to your Indian Motorcycle account. Confirm your name, contact information and Vehicle Identification Number (VIN). 

2. Enter the name and requested contact information of the person you wish to refer. 

3. An offer with a coupon code will be sent to the person you referred. They have 60 days to redeem the offer by taking a demo ride and/or purchasing a new Indian Motorcycle. 

4. Upon completion of a demo ride or purchase, you will be emailed your Moto Ca$h. 

Program FAQs

Q: Who can participate in the referral program? 
Indian Motorcycle owners in the U.S. and Canada are eligible to participate in the Indian Motorcycle Referral Program. 

Q: How many people can I refer to Indian Motorcycle?
An owner can earn up to $500 in referral rewards for the calendar year. The friend (referee) can only earn up to $500 in referral rewards for the calendar year.

Q: Can I redeem multiple coupon codes at once?
No, you may only redeem one coupon code per dealership visit and one referral code per day. 

Q: Can I send multiple referrals to the same person? 
You can only send one referral per person (and per email address associated with the person). 

Q: Can I transfer an already-created referral code to someone else?  
Unfortunately, referral codes may not be shared between recipients. Each coupon code created is unique and cannot be transferred between recipients. 

Q: What is Moto Ca$h?
Moto Ca$h is another name for the referral credit that can be spent on parts, garments and accessories.

Q: Where can I spend Moto Ca$h? 
Where you can spend Moto Ca$h varies based on if you referred a customer or are the referred customer. The referred individual can only use their credit in-store at an Indian Motorcycle dealership. The owner, who referred the customer, can only use their credit online at

Q: What can I spend my Moto Ca$h on?
Moto Ca$h can be spent on parts, garments and accessories. Moto Ca$h cannot be spent on Indian Motorcycle vehicles. The offer is valid on all in-stock, current and non-current Indian Motorcycle accessories, parts, lubricants, apparel and garage. Any of these items that are on clearance or Limited Time Offer are also eligible.

Q: How soon will I get my Moto Ca$h? 
The owner will receive their online credit once the referral coupon has been verified. This process may take up to 4 weeks to process. The referred customer can use their Moto Ca$h in-store after a demo ride or bike purchase. 

Q: How will I know when I get my Moto Ca$h? 
You will be notified via email when your reward has been processed, and it will appear in the offers tile on your Indian Motorcycle account. 

Q: Where is the Indian Motorcycle Referral Program available?
The Indian Motorcycle Referral program is currently only available in the U.S. and Canada. 

View the full terms and conditions here

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