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Electronically Adjustable Shock Preload

Indian Motorcycles equipped with electronically adjustable shock preload allow the rider to customize their load settings in the 7” Touchscreen Display powered by RIDE COMMAND. The bike will adjust the rear shock preload accordingly to improve ride and handling characteristics.

Some 2022 and newer Indian Challengers and Indian Pursuits are equipped with electronically adjustable shock preload. If the settings are not visible on your display, you may not have this type of shock system.

Note: When adjusting, the bike must be stationary and level with the side stand in the upright position. After the adjustment is made, you may feel the bike raise or lower. 

1. Key the bike on and open the main menu on the display.

2. If this is your first time electronically adjusting the preload, navigate to the ALL SETTINGS menu in the lower right corner for setup and weight selection. 

3. From the options on the side, select VEHICLE and scroll to SHOCK PRELOAD. This will allow you to customize your personal settings for quick selection in the future.

4. Select the number of riders, how much luggage you have and if your bike is equipped with a trunk by tapping on the icons. 

5. Once you have added the rider(s) and luggage, you can customize the weights. Tap EDIT WEIGHTS in the lower right corner of the screen.

6. Enter the weight of the rider and passenger. 

7. Customize the weight of the saddlebags based on how much you are carrying.

8. Customize the trunk option and total weight of the luggage inside. 

9. The FINE TUNE setting can be used to make small adjustments to the suspension based on your preferences. Tap the negative button to soften the suspension by decreasing preload, or tap the positive button to stiffen the suspension by increasing preload. 

Once the weights have been set, these settings can be quickly applied in the badge panel. Preload settings will automatically adjust using the weights set in the main settings menu. 

A shock preload widget can also be added to your gauge menus.
1. Select the gear icon in the bottom right lower corner of the gauge screen.

2. Scroll through to the preload widgets and select the one you think would be useful. Drag it to your desired location on the gauge screen.

3. You can now choose your preload settings without having to navigate to the main menu. 

The Indian Motorcycle App is available on the App Store® for iPhone® and iPad® and on Google Play®.
More information about RIDE COMMAND can be found in the Owner's Manual for your vehicle. 
Visit the RIDE COMMAND website to create an account and update software/maps. 
Check out the Guide to Indian Motorcycle Displays Powered by RIDE COMMAND.

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