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Indian Motorcycle Partners With
The Litas Motorcycle Group

Some collaborations just make sense. Mutual beliefs, values and a shared vision for the future of riding shape the foundation of Indian Motorcycle’s partnership with The Litas. Both organizations believe in forging one’s own path, celebrating individualism and embracing inclusivity within the motorcycle community.

It’s a celebration of the essence of motorcycle culture—a shared passion for adventure, 
freedom and empowerment.

Who Are The Litas?

The Litas are an open, inclusive community of women riders who share a common love for motorcycles and 
good times. While you must be 18 years or older to join, riders of any skill level, race and ethnicity are welcomed to “Ride Motorcycles & Raise Hell.” What does “Raise Hell” mean, you ask? According to The Litas, 
it means:


 From the outside, The Litas might look like a motorcycle club. They certainly don’t identify as one, though. In fact, the collective specifically doesn’t allow riders to wear pins or large patches because of the well-worn association between motorcycle clubs and identifying marks. Clubs are typically seen as groups that have specific criteria for membership and not everyone may be eligible or invited to join. That’s not how The Litas roll—and it’s working.

With branches in 28 countries and 320 cities across the globe, The Litas are 22,000+ riders 
strong—and new branches are popping up all the time. Interested in joining up? Find your city, hit an event and don’t be shy.

"We empower women to break through barriers and achieve their dreams on two wheels."
Owner & Founder
Jessica Wise sitting in her Indian Motorcycle
Carolina Cora
“Life is better on two wheels!”
Carolina Cora
Actress, Model, Stunt Woman
“Motorcycles are more than a hobby. Throttle therapy is part of my mental health care.”
Amanda Bolton
Product Manager
Amanda Bolton

Motorcycle Events With The Litas

At its core, this partnership is all about community—empowering female riders and fostering a sense of belonging regardless of age, ability or background. What better way to bring together riders from all walks of life than hosting community events centered around camaraderie and the pure joy of riding?

International Female Ride Day

International Female Ride Day (IFRD) is an opportunity to come together as a community and celebrate each other through the shared passion for riding a motorcycle. It’s a global celebration of everything fast, fierce and female—and it was the perfect opportunity for The Litas and Indian Motorcycle to hop the pond and take on the South of France.

Dealership Demo Days

We expanded several Indian Motorcycle dealership demo days to host The Litas and help more female riders discover a sisterhood that shares a love for riding—encouraging each other to break barriers and conquer challenges.

The Litas HQ Demo Fleet

If you’re ever in Salt Lake City, be sure to swing by 
The Litas headquarters to say hello and check out their on-site demo fleet of Indian Motorcycles. Don’t be shy—The Litas would love to meet you and share their passion for America’s First Motorcycle Company.

Indian Motorcycle X The Litas: Empowering
Female Riders

The road to empowerment is paved with passion, inclusivity and a shared love for the open road. Indian Motorcycle has a long and storied history of championing riders who challenge convention and forge their own path, with notable involvement in IFRD and the Empowersports Women’s Riding Council. This commitment to empowerment is a cornerstone of The Litas ethos—coming to life through valuable safety tips and guidance for new riders.

Motorcycle Safety
for New Riders

Learning to ride a motorcycle can be daunting—but 
The Litas are helping new riders gain confidence with morale-boosting tips and honest, vulnerable stories of their own struggles while getting started. It’s uplifting, inclusive content that’s specifically geared toward helping female riders feel at home on the open road.

Women’s Riding Council

The Empowersports Women's Riding Council is a group of remarkable women who ride, explore, lead and create. They’re passionate advocates for supporting fellow women, forming tight-knit communities, sparking the spirit of adventure and making sure everyone stays safe along the way. The council brings together women from diverse backgrounds and gives them a powerful voice in their sports, regularly meeting with Polaris leaders to discuss how to break down barriers and make powersports more open and welcoming for everyone.

Let’s Ride

As we look forward, the road is open, and the future is bright. With Indian Motorcycle and The Litas leading the way, the ride has just begun—and the best is yet to come. If you’d like to experience the ultimate in originality, authenticity and style for yourself, schedule an Indian Motorcycle test ride today.

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