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Overview of the 4.3" Display Powered by RIDE COMMAND

Some 2019-2022 FTR models come equipped with a 4.3" Display powered by RIDE COMMAND.

Ride Command

The display can be navigated by using the hand controls.

Press the right-hand trigger switch (1) to toggle through the display screens.

Trigger switch

The five-way select joystick (2) allows you to navigate through the display screen from the left-hand switch cube. Use the five-way select joystick to do the following:

  • Long press to show the app tray
  • Navigate through menu gauge/menu screens
  • Enter/select
  • Change gauge style

Five way select joystick

Press the back button (3) to do the following:

  • Close pop-ups
  • Navigate back in menu
  • Long press to return to gauges screen
  • When viewing a top-level display screen, press the back button to cycle through the display screens.

Back button

The display has four top-level display screens:

  • Gauge Screen: Displays the vehicle's speed, current gear, fuel level and range, ambient and engine temperature, odometer, trip meter and compass. You have two different gauge styles, round or linear, to choose from (as shown below). The display style can be changed by swiping up or down on the touchscreen or by pressing up or down on the select joystick.

    Gauge screen
  • Music Screen: Allows you to access music stored on your smartphone or other music device. You can pair your device with Bluetooth® or the display's USB port. USB audio playback is only available on flash drives formatted to FAT32 or exFAT®. Playback from an iOS® device is only available on iPhone® 5S models or later.

    Music screen
  • Phone Screen: Displays recent calls, contact list, key pad and messages. The display will only show messages received while the smartphone is paired with Bluetooth®.

    Phone screen
  • App Tray: From the app tray, you can access settings, adjust display brightness, select Ride Mode and enable or disable Ride Mode. You can access the app tray at any time by pressing the center button on the gauge or a with a long press of the select joystick.

    App tray

To cycle through the display screens, do one of the following:

  • Press the physical up (1) or down (2) button on the gauge.
  • Press the right trigger switch.
  • While viewing one of the four top-level screens, press the back button on the left hand control.

Ride Command display buttons

Ride Modes
You can choose between three Ride Modes — Rain, Standard or Sport — for an experience customized to your riding style. The throttle map for each Ride Mode was designed with a specific application in mind, resulting in one motorcycle with three distinct personalities.

For the Ride Mode to change, the vehicle must be standing still and the throttle must be fully disengaged. If you change the Ride Mode while in motion, a spinning icon will appear, indicating that the Ride Mode has not yet changed. Once you have come to a complete stop, the icon will disappear and the Ride Mode will change.

Ride modes

Rain mode is ideal for rainy conditions or when the road is wet. The throttle response is decreased, giving you more control and traction. Wheelie mitigation is turned ON in Rain mode.

Standard mode features a crisp throttle response and well-balanced power delivery for responsive passing power and predictable slow-speed handling. Wheelie mitigation is turned ON in Standard mode.

Sport mode is designed for situations when instant response is needed. Sport mode quickens the throttle response and has a more aggressive power delivery for increased acceleration. Wheelie mitigation is turned OFF in Sport mode.

Traction Control/Anti-Lock Brake System
Track mode allows you to disable the Traction Control/Anti-Lock Brake System (TC/ABS). Disabling Traction Control also disables wheelie mitigation.

To disable the TC/ABS, do the following:

1. Tap on TRACK to activate the TC/ABS toggle switch.

2. Tap on the TC/ABS toggle switch to disable TC/ABS.

3. A prompt will appear asking you to confirm that you want to disable the TC/ABS. Press DISABLE to confirm. The ABS indicator lamp will illuminate when TC/ABS is disabled. TC/ABS will not become disabled until vehicle speed is at zero.

4. To re-enable TC/ABS, press the TC/ABS toggle switch again or press the TC/ABS OFF button in sidebar from any screen.

Traction control

From the Settings menu, you can view important details about your vehicle and personalize your display. The Settings menu is made up of four categories: Information, General, Time and Vehicle.

From the Information settings menu, you can view the following:

  • Vehicle Identification Number (VIN)
  • Mileage
  • Installed software version
  • Oil change interval

From the General settings menu, you can do the following:

From the Time settings menu, you can do the following:

  • Set the time format (12-hour or 24-hour)
  • Enable GPS time (automatically sets the time to the time zone you currently are in)
  • Set the time (if GPS time is not enabled)

From the Vehicle settings menu, you can do the following:

  • Oil life/service reset
  • Access vehicle diagnostics
  • Activate/deactivate cylinder deactivation on equipped models (for more information, read Rear Cylinder Deactivation)

Bluetooth® Pairing
The display can be connected to a smartphone and a headset simultaneously. Please note that both the smartphone and headset need to be paired to the motorcycle, not to each other.

To pair a device, do the following:

1. From the Bluetooth® Devices settings screen, the Phone screen or the Music screen, tap on the ADD DEVICE button to bring up the pairing prompt.

2. Put your Bluetooth® device into pairing mode.

3. Select the name of the device you want to pair from the touchscreen display to finish the pairing process.

4. Confirm pairing if applicable. Depending on the device you are pairing to the display, you may be prompted to confirm the pairing.

The Indian Motorcycle App is available on the App Store® for iPhone® and iPad®, as well as on Google Play®.
For help connecting your audio output, read Pairing Your SENA® Headset.
More information about RIDE COMMAND can be found in the Owner's Manual for your vehicle. 
Visit the RIDE COMMAND website to create an account and update software/maps. 
Not sure what you need? Check out the Guide to Indian Motorcycle Displays Powered by RIDE COMMAND.

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