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Bagger Myths

Why A Bagger Motorcycle Is Right For You

Regardless of your riding style a bagger motorcycle will probably be a good fit. Forget what you may have heard and let our experts show you the truth about baggers.

Episode 1 - Baggers Aren't Daily Rides

Watch as Aaron Colton and Frankie Garcia debunk the myth that baggers aren't practical daily riders.

Episode 2 - Baggers Don't Perform Well

Bagger converts Aaron Colton and Frankie Garcia return for another episode of “Bagger Myths” to debunk the myth that baggers don't perform well. With modern engineering techniques, race-spec components, and cutting-edge tech, you'll see why today's baggers rip.

Episode 3 - I Have To Be Big And Tall

Watch as Aaron Colton and Frankie Garcia introduce four real riders who shatter the myth that you have to be big and tall to ride a bagger.

Episode 4 - I'm Not A Bagger Person

So far we've learned that baggers are great daily riders, exceed performance expectations, and can we ridden by all sizes from small to tall - but maybe you're still not sure a bagger is right for you? Here we connect with and hear from our friends from all genres of the motorcycle world and beyond who love their baggers.

Now that you know the truth, explore the great bagger options Indian Motorcycle has to offer.